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华欣【泰国小清新】3天2晚 / Hua Hin 3 Days 2 Nights Tour

华欣 Hua Hin(หัวหิน)

泰国海滨度假城市, 也是泰国皇室酷爱的避暑圣地。从曼谷到华欣路程约3小时, 著名的皇室地标性建筑:爱与希望之宫也坐落在华欣市的北部。在华欣境内有海滩、国家公园、历史遗迹公园、皇室遗址、西方模拟小镇以及多个水上公园供大家选择游玩。

Hua Hin (หัวหิน) traces its aristocratic roots to 1911 when the railroad arrived from Bangkok and some in the royal family built vacation homes here, Even Kings Rama VI and VII built summer palaces here. The latter's Phra Ratchawang Klai Kangwon (Far from Worries Palace) remains a royal residence today and was the full-time home of King Rama IX for many of his later years.

Day 1

华欣 Hua Hin > 瑞士牧羊场 Swiss Sheep Farm > 小威尼斯The Venezia

早餐:自理 午餐:自理 晚餐:泰式风味

【瑞士牧羊场】Swiss Sheep Farm 顾名思义就是一个让人感到置身瑞士的感觉,户外有大风车、老爷车、变形金刚等各种可爱复古的拍摄道具,随处都是你的拍摄场景。



Swiss Sheep Farm In place of the ancient dream of those who seek it. The complex nature. Come in contact with the atmosphere of a farm in a valley surrounded by the love that surrounds you with warmth, style European country.

Farms that will take you time to dream again. You will enjoy riding the scenic meadows among shepherds. And full of fun activities that are fun and love and romance. The key to my weight. The successor to that reputation.


【骆驼共和国乐园】Camel Republic 是一个适合大人和小孩一齐来玩的现代摩洛哥风格主题公园,集合了购物、游戏、娱乐为一体,分为室内室外两个不同的区域。

在公园里可以体验到刺激的娱乐机动游戏,例如模拟天空落体的Sky Fly,体验失重感觉的Zero Gravity,以及模彷外太空漫步的Gyro Extreme等。



Camel Republic near Hua Hin is both amusement park and zoo. A fun place for adults and children alike, visitors can enjoy feeding and interacting with animals as camels, alpacas, birds and bunnies. The park offers a variety of entertainment including several fun and thrill rides, mini moto quad racing on a track and a small indoor amusement park for kids.

The Moroccan design style gives the place a Middle Eastern feel. Camel Republic is well maintained and clean. Food and drinks, ice cream, snacks and souvenirs are available at several shops and stands.

The stars of the themed mall are of course the camels. But there are also giraffes, alpacas and birds such as flamingos. The amusement rides include an Eagle Zipline, Drop N Twist Tower, Flying Macaw, Sky Flower and Zero Gravity.


Santorini 其实是一个希腊的小岛,而这整个公园就仿造了希腊小岛的欧陆希腊风情,所有的建筑物都是两层高的小石屋,以蓝白色彩为主,整个广场的佈置就像大自然的花园一样,给人一种很舒适的清新感,真的令人感觉身处地中海,因此这里也被称为“小希腊”。


Santorini Park Cha-Am

Santorini Park brings a slice of the picture-perfect Greek island to Cha-Am. It’s got all the details right, from classic whitewashed buildings, colourfully painted windows, down to stone-paved paths and domed towers. An impressive lineup of shops, restaurants and an amusement park promise good times for everyone.

The five zones at Santorini Park provide all-encompassing entertainment. Park Zone is essentially the amusement park part, with rides and games set on vast landscaped grounds. All rides are imported, including the 40-metre-high Ferris wheel, double-decker carousel, G-MAX reverse bungee, G-MAX giant swing, XD Dark Ride 7D interactive game and Asia’s first Wallholla climbing structure.

Village Zone is all about the Greek island’s village architecture and its chilled-out coastal vibe. Wander down the maze of stone-paved lanes lined with two-storey whitewashed buildings and more than 140 shopping boutiques. Rest Area is where you will find a host of fast food outlets, cafés, personal care salons, a petrol station, convenience stores and more souvenir shops.

【小威尼斯华欣】VENEZIA 是威尼斯的义大利文,整个园区彷造义大利水都威尼斯的感觉而建,门口的主建筑和威尼斯的道奇宫,灵感取自欧式风格的威尼斯,相似程度让您彷彿以为置身义大利。



里面还有个 3D艺术博物馆,每个作品都相当有趣,还能让你随着不同的作品互动和拍摄。

The theme chosen by The Venezia is obviously Venice and you will not miss the San Marco's bell tower replica, the park is immense and even includes a 200 meter 'Grand Canal' on which you can actually get a ride on iconic Venetian gondolas.

Colorful mediterranean houses, shops and terraces are lined up on each side of the canal which ends in front of an Italian looking garden and two large church-like buildings: one is a Villa-Market (imported products supermarket) an the other a mini zoo. Another half of The Venezia is sheltered under an immense roof, and if you are too lazy to walk around this massive park you can always chose to do your shopping in the most unusual way: in a horse and cart.

The Venezia features quite a few attractions: mini zoo and 3D museums now so popular in Thailand, but all require an extra fee to enjoy, even the small garden which appears to be nothing more than a photo playground.

Day 2

筷子山 Khao Takiab >龙普多寺 Wat Huay Mongkol > 华欣水上市场 Sam Phan Nam Floating Market > 华欣野生动物园Safari World > 怀旧市集 Plearn Wan Market > 华欣夜市 Chatchai Night Market

早餐:酒店早餐 午餐:泰式风味 晚餐:泰式风味

【筷子山】距离华欣市区4公里的地方有两座山丘:Khao Takiab和Khao Krailat,由于这两座山并排站着,外型就像一对筷子,故被当地人称为筷子山。筷子山位于华欣海滩旁边,从沙滩走向筷子山,首先可看到山脚处有座宏伟、庄严的佛像屹立于高耸的岩壁中。山上有一座与山同名的寺庙,寺庙周围除了竖立了很多佛像与佛教图画外,还有10公尺高的观世音菩萨像、泰皇拉玛五世的人像。站在山上能俯瞰华欣海滩,享受海风轻拂面的凉爽。

One of the biggest attractions in the province, Khao Takiab translates as ‘Chopstick Mountain’ although you may hear it being referred to as Monkey Mountain due to the monkeys that inhabit it. Take note that you should never under any circumstances trust a monkey; they don’t get their reputation for being cheeky from nowhere. Keep bags zipped and under no circumstances give them any food. With that out the way, the mountain is home to a hilltop temple giving way to a sensational view of Hua Hin. The start of the hike up to the temple is marked by a large bell and a flight of stairs up to the main shrine, a pagoda-like structure. Once at the top you can hang out with the monkeys, take a few photographs, shop at numerous stalls or admire the Buddhist shrine.




Wat Huay Mongkol Temple is home to the largest statue of the immensely popular Buddhist monk Luang Pu Thuat who was famed for his 'miracles'. Luang Pu Thuat lived some 400 years ago. The attraction is the biggest statue perched atop a pavilion just outside the monastery. The statue is said to be crafted in the image of the monk Luang Pu Thuat. Wat Huay Mongkol is very popular with both Thai and foreign tourists.



当然水上市场也有些特色小店,如咖啡厅、文青风的文具店,特色零食,泰国OTOP 一乡一代表商品等。

Sam Phan Nam Floating Market is the biggest floating market in Hua Hin, you will find 193 shops of all different kinds and 40 shops actually on the boats, selling local food, hand made products and souvenirs. You can stroll through the heart of the floating market on foot, by boat or even a take a pedalo.


Safari World 是个非常适合全家大小一同玩乐的好地方,号称亚洲最大的野生动物园,可以更贴近的观赏动物,还能欣赏超多精彩绝伦的动物表演秀!

号称全亚洲最大野生动物园 "Safari World",占地广达5千公顷的园区,分成2大区域:野生动物园(Safari Park)与 海洋公园(Marine Park)。


Amazing Hua Hin Safari and Adventure Park is situated not far from the center of Hua Hin.

Guests of the Park can enjoy famous Thai entertainments, such as elephant trekking, elephant show, snake show, as well as four-wheeler rides. It is the only place of this kind in Hua Hin. In total, more than 20 elephants live and work at the Park, what makes its shows absolutely unique and spectacular.


Plearn Wan Market 【怀旧市集】, 来到这就像穿越到五零年代往日情怀怀旧小镇的华欣,庭院式设计的老店。

为什么叫 Plearn Wan?Plearn 结合了英文的 “Play”与 “Learn”

Wan 就是泰文 “日”的意思,此概念结合了“玩乐”与“学习”让大家体验过去50年代泰国人的生活,所以好多华人将这地方命名为“怀旧夜市”。



Plearnwan, a lively vintage village, offers community’s lifestyles, especially café and shops in the 50s to bring all the visitors back to the atmosphere of living of the mentioned period. Adults will enjoy reminiscing their past lives; while, teenagers will learn from the past. Threrefore, Plearnwan is originated from the concept of “Play and Learn from the past”.

Plearn Wan feels more like a living museum where you can experience a slice of life in 1950s Hua Hin. Plern Wan’s two-storey courtyard-style building, an architectural statement in itself, houses a community of period-style shops selling everything from liquor, inexpensive plastic-and-tin toys, snacks as well as a beauty salon, photo studio, outdoor cinema screen and a 20-room guesthouse or ‘Piman Plern Wan.

位于华欣市中心的【华欣夜市】Chatchai Night Market 是当地其中一个主要传统夜市,也最具泰国人特色,来到这里能感受华欣热闹的一面,体验当地的独有文化。除了一般的衣服、饰物、纪念品、零食等杂货外,这个夜市最大的特色就是让人垂涎三尺的各式美食摊,包括各款泰式传统小食、炸鸡、鲜榨果汁、烤肉、特色小吃、饮料等。


Chatchai Night Market is one of the famous markets known by both Thai and foreign tourists. It is located on Petchkasem Road. The market is light and airy and was considered to be the most sanitary market in Thailand at that time. It was renovated many times; however, the featured 7 roofs have always remained there as the symbol. The market currently sells souvenirs as well as fresh and dried food.

Moreover, the south entrance (Soi 72) which is a small street full of shops with delicious foods on both sideways, such as popular Thai seafood, Thai desserts and fruits, You can easily choose what to buy from there.

There is also a selection of more exotic food that is popular among both Thai and foreign tourists, for example, dried squid, sun-dried squid egg, crispy squid, dried fish, dried shrimp, and herbs.

Day 3

华欣火车站 Hua Hin Railway Station >忘忧宫 Klai Kangwon Palace

早餐:酒店早餐 午餐:泰式风味 晚餐:自理





The Hua Hin Railway station is one of the oldest stations in Thailand, the original structure was built in 1910 in Nakhon Pathom for the Sanam Chandra Palace for the Royal Family. In 1967 Colonel Chulacharit relocated the original structure from Sanam Chandra Palace to its current location making it the VIP room for the Royals when they needed to travel by train to or from Hua Hin. To this day, you can view the original portion built for the Royal family, now called the Royal Waiting room, inside the station compound.

Opposite the Hua Hin Railway Station is an old steam locomotive that houses a local library. The Hua Hin Railway station also has an atmospheric café where you can sit and watch the hustle bustle of Hua Hin everyday life. If you want to try something authentic sample local food or drinks in cafes and restaurants just adjacent to the rondel outside the train station.

泰皇拉玛七世十分喜欢华欣这个海滨度假小镇,在此为自己和皇后建立了避暑别墅,后来就成为历届泰皇的度假胜地。王宫的风格属西班牙式,适合热气气候,设计者是泰国王子Iddhidesarn Kridara,毕业于巴黎的美术学院。王宫的规划早于一九二六年十月开始,于一九二九年四月完成整个工程。宫内有3大寝宫,分别是北方的Tamnak Plukkasem,南方的Tamnak Noi, 而最大的Phra Tamank则在两座寝宫之间,而各皇室贵族的随从则会睡在一些小平房里。




Klai Kangwon Palace (Summer Palace) One of the quintessential landmarks of Hua Hin, Klai Kang Won Palace is the summer residence of HM King Bhumibhol Adulyadej (Rama IX) and other members of the royal family. Klai Kang Won, meaning ‘far from worries’, is aptly named after the peace and serenity of the surrounding landscape, fronting a secluded stretch of the Hua Hin beachfront.

with the style of a traditional Spanish estate. Set in picturesque surroundings, the palace complex comprises four main buildings. The two-storey ‘Phra Tamnak Piem Suk’ is the King and Queen’s residence, complete with a beautiful Roman garden, a sundial and walkway that leads to the beachfront.

Members of the royal family reside in separate buildings, housed in the same manicured grounds. These buildings showcase various architectural styles, from modern Thai to European log cabin.


End of trip, you will be transfer back to Bangkok Airport, or the other hotel you going to extend your stay in Hua Hin or Bangkok.



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