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考艾3天2晚【意大利情怀】Khao Yai 3 Days 2 Nights Tour


Away from the busyness and rowdiness of city life!

Khao Yai(考艾、又称大山)是泰国的国家公园之一,距离曼谷2.5-3小时的车程,是大多当地泰国人或时间较充足的游客们的选择之一,考艾有许多渡假型饭店,加上年底的气候比较凉爽,饭店周围也有许多户外的景点,加上当地一些主题餐厅等,所以相当受到欢迎,也不受太多观光客所影响,可以非常优哉的放鬆。

Escape away from your busy city lifestyle, Blessed with a lush, mountainous landscape, with fertile valleys, pounding waterfalls and rich biodiversity, Khao Yai is a year-round getaway destination just three hours’ drive from Bangkok.

酒店住宿 Hotel Resort


交通 Transport

  • 座车:最多9-10位乘客+8个行李
  • Number of passengers included luggage : 9-10 passengers + 8 luggage

Day 1

考艾 Khao Yai > 帕力欧村庄 Palio Village> 意大利小镇 Primo Piazza > 巧克力工厂 The Chocolate Factory

早餐:自理 午餐:自理 晚餐:自理

泰国考艾 意大利小镇 Palio Khao Yai 是仿造意大利建筑风格的小镇,从南洋风情的泰国一眨眼便来到了浪漫的义大利。

这里将会是你立马 打卡和嗮朋友圈的第一个景点!放眼望过去四处都是深红色、橘色、黄色、蓝色等各种鲜豔色彩爬满藤蔓的建筑物,穿梭在这小镇每个转角每家小店都会让你惊喜,每家店都有自己的特色,逛累了 就找一家你喜欢的 咖啡厅或有情调的餐馆,感受意大利小镇的气息吧。

This is touted as the “Little Italy of Thailand”. It’s supposedly to be a picturesque landscaped shopping centre with buildings of Tuscan architecture, It’s worth to visit and photograph. You will like to walk around , discover some well decor shops and restaurant, find a coffee shop then start chill out for a day in Khao Yai.

【意大利小镇】 Primo Piazza 是參照意大利托斯卡纳500歲老城而建的「袖珍」版老城,但此城不在千里之外的意大利,而是在泰國的考艾山城中。


Thanks to Primo Piazza, you no longer have to fly halfway across the world to get a taste of Italy, and have the gorgeous pictures to prove it too. You could be easily mistaken for thinking that you were in a remote Tuscan village, with the complex’s classy Italian architecture, cobbled streets and lush green surroundings.

At Primo Piazza they have succeeded in creating that warm and relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere, with an array of excellent cafes and restaurants on hand to help you unwind. And interestingly, you can even feed sheep, alpaca and donkeys here too! The kids, or the big kid in you, will enjoy. This will unquestionably be a trip you’re unlikely to forget – ideal for a romantic getaway or a family escape.

巧克力工厂 Chocolate Factory,这里除了是巧克力店也是一家意大利餐厅,每天提供各种口味的巧克力和甜点,并且达到60种以上口味特色巧克力,喜欢巧克力的你是否忍不住想每种口味都来一块呢!

巧克力工厂透过玻璃镜向游客展示巧克力的制作过程, 并且每个周末还有巧克力制作教学课程, 而这间巧克力餐厅的创始人便是法国巧克力制作大师Eric Perez,同时,他还是世界甜点大赛第二名获奖者,同样在巧克力工厂里除了巧克力甜点也经营传统意大利餐厅。

The factory proper is divided into two main areas: Chocolate Workshop and Chocolate Factory Cafe. The first section is a large glass room, where you can see the Chocolatier creating different types of premium chocolates.

The restaurant was decorated in a half of factory but feel warm like “cozy modern”. It created a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. The building made from glass, which open views to see all sides. This is a beautiful place for a family or special person to enjoy their dinner in a wonderful night while absorbing the nature and beautiful landscapes of Khao Yai.

Day 2

葡萄酒庄 PB Valley > 花园 The Bloom > 促猜牧场 Chokchai Farm > Pak Chong 夜市

早餐:酒店早餐 Hotel Breakfast 午餐:泰式风味 晚餐:自理

PB Valley【葡萄酒庄】 1989 年,由泰国葡萄酒先趋,也是泰国龙头啤酒公司老板 Dr. Piya Bhirombhakdi所创立,PB Valley为泰国六大酒庄之首,屡屡获得泰国旅游大奖最佳景点荣誉,PB Valley的Wine Tasting tour想当然耳,也成为游览考艾绝对不能错过的体验。位于泰国东北海拔350m的Asoke Valley山谷,佔地百亩,紧邻全球空气最好第七名的Khao Yai国家公园,来到Asoke Valley山谷中,搭乘酒庄专属田园拖车,带您了解葡萄酒庄如何种植葡萄,如何制酒,天候、湿度、葡萄树种如何关系到葡萄酒的品质。

这一趟悠游美丽酒庄 的知识飨宴,在品尝葡萄酒过程中,即便您不嗜酒也无妨。PB出品的葡萄汁,由40年Shiraz树种生产的葡萄制作而成,不加糖自然的香甜,似乎飘着微微的酒香,产量有限,十分推荐!这么棒的葡萄汁配搭,即便不会喝酒的您,也不会因为无法品尝美酒而感到失望,仍能满足您的味蕾!

PB Valley Estate the largest vineyard in Khao Yai has introduced a professional guided Tourism Award-winning “Vineyard and Winery Tour” with explanation about the various wine and other grapes in the estate and to promote the Khao Yai Wine Region as a new local and international tourist destination in Thailand.

However fresh Table Grapes, seedless Maroon originally from Australian are growing all year around in a protected area of the estate and the guided tour of the vineyards will lead visitors to this area for a perfect picture stop but sorry no picking of grapes is allowed.

The Bloom是依山而立的一个景区。走入园内彷佛走入了一个欧美庭院,园区里栽种的大部分都是小朵的花卉,很有巧思的铺在地上,看过去红的白的紫的各有各的空间,却又和谐的融合在一起。除了充满童趣且浪漫的花园之外,还有一些值得一提例如:世界最大柏金包、茅草巨型大象、梦幻金色麋鹿雪橇,另有小型牧场,还可搭乘游园车绕园一周。

The Bloom by TVPool is the biggest flower garden in Thailand with its 100 rai (around 16 hectares) of space in Pak Chong district side of Khao Yai national park, Nakorn Ratchsima province. The garden grow and exhibits more than 30 species of beautiful temperate flowers that will amazing tourists from around the world.

Not only the beautiful garden but also Thai star’s and famous comic characters standees that tourists can enjoy taking photos with to boast about their time at The Bloom Khao Yai.

Farm Chokchai自家乳酪品品牌 Umm!..Milk推出的鲜奶及冰淇淋早就在泰国打出知名度了,来到这你也有机会品尝的到,但直到2000年农场对外开放后,大家才比较知道这个优质农场。




Relax in the Agro-Tourism, another taste for those differences to try horseback riding rolled cow acted as a cowboy or try ice cream in unique flavors or choose to break away from traditional.

The farm guide will take care the visitors and explain the activities on the route. Enjoy going on a hayride (hay wagon) around the farm, get in touch with the breathtaking scenes of nature and participate in a variety of activities. Learn the on Becoming Milk program closely. You will see the different stages of how cows are raised, baby calves being bottle fed, and get a first-hand look at how a live cow is milked. You will also visit the Processing Facility, and learn how milk gets from the cow to the dairy shop.

当傍晚,考艾Pak Chong 夜市就会开始热闹起来,美食摊位全摆出来,地道泰国小吃任你选,还有炸丝虫呢!除了小吃美食当然还有服装,各类小商品摊位等,这一刻就完全放松的在这样一个小夜市边逛边吃边买吧。

Pak Chong Night Market is a local market that offers delicious food and a variety of other products. Since Pak Chong is a small and laid back town, the night market is what lights up your time. If you are a foodie then this is your paradise. Chocolate banana crepe, duck noodles, and grilled pork are a few of the many delicacies that you must try in the night market. You will get to taste the authentic thai dishes over here. The market also has clothing stalls but the variety of delicious cuisines is what attracts the tourists here.

Day 3

秘密艺术花园 Secret Art Garden

早餐:酒店早餐 Hotel Breakfast 午餐:自理 晚餐:自理

酒店早餐后,退房后前往【秘密艺术花园】 Secret Art Garden


Secret Art Garden就像是一个设计精美的世外桃源,这里有水塘、溪流、别墅、花园、艺品及泰式器具的展示,还有精美的咖啡屋。来到这里的游客,都会不由自主的放慢脚步,或是坐在花园的椅子上与情人窃窃私语,或是与家人行走在鲜花怒开的步道上,恬静的气氛让人感觉无比轻松自在。


the Secret Art Garden, which was basically a whimsical garden with lots of artwork everywhere you looked.

There are work spaces for you to create your own painting or pottery art, if you like. Kids with an artistic flare would like this place! Pretty relaxing to just walk through the garden, listen to the sounds of trickling waters and taking photos with all kinds of statues and artwork along the way. Different music can be heard at different parts of the garden as well, a truly immersive art experience!


End of trip, you will be transfer back to Bangkok Airport, or the other hotel you going to extend your stay in Bangkok.


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