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Sven Kee /纪耀国 is well-known video producer & photographer. Born in Johor Bahru/ Malaysia. Sven first picked up a camera(film) at the early age of seventeen when studying Photography and Fine Art as major in College. Influenced by techniques, theory, conceptual photography. However Sven got an opportunity to work in photography when he was a college student, His very first paid job was a Hairstyle show photo shooting.

Thanks to fundamental techniques and passion to enabled Sven to see the bigger picture of an International industry.

In late of 2013 Sven got an opportunity to joined the biggest Film & Tv production association in Taiwan for advanced studies in Film making, learned from different successful and experienced teacher. He also took a minor course in Cinematography to improve the skill and knowledge.

Sven relocated to Bangkok /Thailand in 2015, was worked for Thai local Chinese TV Station as in-house Journalist Videographer. Sven currently is more focus on digital & visual marketing, also free open to any company or organization with experienced skills as in Video, Photography, Media Productions, Whether in China or Thailand, even other country.


2020 - Present
2020 - Present

Video & Media Producer

玩味体验 /Tasteplay
This project launched in Oct 2020, The Asia based Blog/vlog content focus on foodies, travel and lifestyle, collaboration with multi tour agencies, hotels, restaurants and other related industry sponsors. Due to pandemic of Covid-19, this project might postponed, However this project will keep carry on.

Client /Sponsors: The Market Experience(Thailand)

Project: YouTube, Bilibili & 抖音

2019 - 2020
2019 - 2020

Digital Design & Content Creator

Gold Erawan Group 金象控股集团
My role in here is Digital Designer, My responsibility is to take care all different business's contents, branding, copywriting, especially in graphics design and photography under the group of company, including company image such as logo, branding, stationary, prints, online contents, physical product, whether from a piece of paper to a large item or online media all are under my responsibility, the project i take care are under different industries - The F&B, Entertainment, and Real estate. 

2019 - Present
2019 - Present

Art Director & Producer

Moeitian Media Thailand Co. Ltd.  美天媒体有限公司
The company established in late of Dec 2018, I joined the company as a core partnership with a role assigned; The Art Director & Producer. I take care all projects under the company, as in Commercial photo, video production, post-production, Graphics & related multimedia. I also provide techniques support to our studio in physical equipment such as broadcast cameras, Cine lights, Strobe lights, sound system operation.

2017 - Present
2017 - Present

Event Producer & Digital Marketing

Only One Tour International Co.LTd 唯一旅游国际有限公司
Online Marketing, Event Producer are my main role in here, I take care company online contents as in article writing, graphic design, photography and video editing used all multimedia tools and software to promote the company's package deals and services through by website, social network app and email.

In here I also help organize and support in travel product /services, especially in organizing company conference, tourism, event, stage, art, entertainment and hospitality.

Another "Organize" is manage the team to work to a project and process, This job driven me turned this skill into my major professional.

2016 - 2017
2016 - 2017

Art Director & Content Creator

Queen Jewelry Co., Ltd. Thailand & 中国福建省王后珠宝有限公司
My main role in here was Art Director. I also involve in online marketing job, I had to take care product photos, related contents, multimedia design and company's website, e-commerce(淘宝) and social networks as in WeChat official account(微信公众号) & 微博.
In every season(average every 3-4 months) We have to create a new concept product series includes the new look for website, webstore, prints media and photography.
When the project are confirmed, I arranged the team to work and get to process in time.

* The company already closed it business in 2017

2015 - 2016
2015 - 2016

Journalist Videographer

东盟卫视 MGTV Thailand
My job position is Journalist Videographer, and work with Thai and global News center department. And my responsibilities are make sure there is no faulty in every video clips before we live streaming and broadcast on TV. I involve in broadcast switcher, controller, lighting operating. Overall my job more in hardware control in ENG broadcast camera, broadcast panel and sound, also video editing, make sure the news broadcasting always be done in time and minimum the problem.

*This company already closed it business in 2017

2013 - 2015
2013 - 2015

Internship Assistant Film Director, Cinematographer & Crew

CTS Training Centre 华视训练中心
During training in CTS, I studied Film making and Tv production, includes script /story concepts and also joined a professional cinematography class to improve my skill. Beside studied, I also work as internship trainee in Film Director & Producer, to assist the director to get the shooting job done in the day, I even involve into every part of the production. I work for other studio or company for related professional jobs.

2010 - 2013
2010 - 2013

Video Producer & Photographer

Visualizer Studio
My role in here is in-house photo, videographer and post-production editor. The company focus on commercials photography and video production services. I continued improved my photography skill in high-end photography as in product photography, it's required conception discussion with client and creative agency before the shooting.

2007 - 2009
2007 - 2009
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Working Holiday

After 5 years full time busy Photographer career in Wedding & Portrait Photography studio. I decided to quit my job, picked up a backpack and leaving my country to start my very first long journey to working holiday in New Zealand. I done a lot of jobs that i never been try before, I work as a bar tender at Auckland downtown, and i learnt how to open a red wine bottle, also the bar /beverage department trained me well, they also sent me to take some short class to learnt how to taste a red or white wine. I also learnt how to make cocktails and fruit juice.

Since i'm interested in new thing with non of my main professional and knowledge - the Red wine. This driven me decided traveled from North to South island of NZ- Marlborough province. I got an opportunity to work in some vineyards, I had to take care tons of grape plants and trees everyday, I wake up at 5am morning get ready to work from 6am morning to evening every single day, Although there is nothing fancy with this job, I always end up mud and dirt on my body when knock off to home every single day. I even always got injured with this job, cos this is not something safe or easy job.  Overall i enjoyed it, This also my hardest and longest job in the country.

I captured a lot of landscape, daily life, during my backpacker journey, when there is holiday or seasons. Some of my photographs now are available for sale on ShutterStock and Adobe Stock, some are in National Geographic photo library in early days.

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2002 - 2006
2002 - 2006


Monalisa Bride Studio (Malaysia)
After graduated from Art College i quickly got hired by a local wedding photography studio, my job position start from assistant photographer, also a re-toucher and graphic designer in some case. After 9 months i got promotion to a formal photographer.

Skills Summary

  • Producer - Manage to video, photo shooting & event done in a variety of situations. Including lead the team: camera crew, staffs, performers and post-production team. "Get the job done flawlessly as possible"
  • Video /Cinematography - Video filming skill with different type of camera, such as ENG broadcast camera & DSLR operating. Including Professional Tripod, Gimbal, sound recording system & lightings operating.
  • Photography -Commercial, product, food, portrait photography. Most DSLR and Mirrorless camera equipments operating. Lenses, tripod, strobe lights, scene setup.
  • Post-production - Photoshop, Graphic Design & Video editing.
  • Languages - Chinese, Mandarin & Cantonese(fluent in speak and writing), English(average in speak and writing), Thai(basic in speak), Malay(basic in speak)
  • Soft skills - Communication, collaboration, positive attitude, leading, organize.
  • Hard skills - Equipment operation, Computer hardware maintenance and professional software operating

The Software I Used

Adobe Premiere
After Effects
Fcp X
Adobe Lightroom
Affinity Designer


Don't you use office software?
- I'm quite enjoy with Google Docs(* Non-Accounting)

Major education? Fine Art, Digital Art was my major in Academy /Collage, After so many years I studied 3D Animation, post-production and trained in Malaysia. Professional Film making training and internship in Taiwan CTS /The Taiwan film association. My last education was study Thai in some school, When day off.

What's your interests in? - I like travel anywhere, Earn valuable, meaningful things & coffee

Any interesting things in your career? - I easily indulged when doing my job until someone stop me.

What kind job or business you interested? - Currently I would like to work with any company or any field. Hopefully my knowledge and skills fit your needs.

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